Our Approach Involves Rigorous Adherence To Standards That Starts With Research And Development Design.

Exercises Control Over The Production Process.

Adopts A Stringent Approach To Supply Chain Management.

  • Mandates that both self-operated and cooperative suppliers adhere to our quality management system.
  • Employs a strict supplier selection process, allowing only one supplier to be chosen for every six applications.
  • Exercises strict control over material suppliers, covering both upstream and downstream processes.
  • Ensures that materials will undergo strict processing in accordance with the established process flow.
  • Provide an FAI (First Article Inspection) report, and mass production can only commence after it has been successfully passed.
  • Conducts inspections during the production process to ensure the correctness of each individual process.

Professional Engineers’ Process Review

Our company employs professional Process Engineers who are responsible for reviewing the drawings prior to production. In the event that any discrepancies or process optimizations are identified, the engineer will promptly communicate with the customer to address and resolve any issues before the production takes place.

Conduct a 100% full inspection of the products before shipment.

A professional quality inspection team to guarantee product quality.
A 100% full inspection before shipment is conducted to ensure that the product is in its best possible condition and meets our customer’s requirements.