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Focusing on titanium and titanium alloy products

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Tianjin Tiwei Technology Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to innovation-driven development and intelligent manufacturing to enhance people’s lives. Our corporate mission is grounded in the principles of openness, innovation, integrity, and cooperation. We offer a new model of joint research and development, innovation, and customer service to provide our customers with high-quality titanium and titanium alloy processing materials and precision products.



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Slip-on Welting Flange

Slip-on Welting Flange

Slip On Titanium Flange SO ANSI / ASTM B16.5

Titanium Watch Parts

Titanium Watch Parts

Having the strength and texture of titanium metal

Tablet Computer Parts

Tablet Computer Parts

A short film

Mobile Phone Parts

Mobile Phone Parts

The Use of Titanium Materials

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Carry Forward Craftsmanship

Focusing On Titanium And Titanium Alloy Products

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